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July 27, 2010

Make your own way in the world.  It’s what we all try to do; it’s what I’m trying to do, it’s what Tom & Barbara did! I hope that sharing what I like & love in this world will inspire you.  If I’m honest though, this blog isn’t about inspiration. It’s simply about what I like. So, my friends, prepare yourself.  I have never been good at narrowing down my likes, at focusing on a few things, so I won’t.  I am going to tell you about EVERYTHING I find interesting. I’ll start by telling you, I love this:

I know, it’s only a t.v. program ( I forget, is t.v. cool these days or…), but I discovered many of my loves through this little show.  It inspired me to go at my garden with a sense of purpose (when I had one), it made me aware of just how much I love animals (not just this one:, it started my obsession British Televsion, an obsession I will never, ever give up, in short, I absolutely adore it. This sitcom from the 70’s will always be my favorite.  It’s like a comfort food to me, if I feel down, I just nestle into to the Good Life, and suddenly, well, it’s all ok.  If I was holding a glass of something tasty right now, I’d raise it to Tom, Barbara, Jerry & Margo!

I’ll leave you with that.  It’s time for me to spend a little time with a person I love, drinking wine (perhaps a good time to toast?) and learning French! Oh, la, la! la la la la la la.  And, who knows, maybe we’ll watch some t.v.?  Until next time, tell me, do you have a most favorite, can’t be beat, desert island television show?


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  1. July 28, 2010 5:24 pm

    Hmmm, mine is probably Six Feet Under…but if it was less serious and just for relaxing viewing, I guess SATC (totally cliche, but hell…we can’t help what we like. just like everyone who loves Harry…they can’t help it, but I can’t help judging them. 😉 )

    Yay for your blog.
    Adding you to reader posthaste.

  2. July 28, 2010 9:05 pm

    Candace – I really need to watch all of Six Feet Under, I am ashamed of myself, because I KNOW it’s a good show. No shame in SATC, at all. (I’ll ignore the Harry jab, this time…:) I’ll save it for another blog…)

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