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Elementary in Spirit: SHERLOCK

September 15, 2010

As far as I’m concerned Steven Moffat was put on this earth to create great television.  I want science to find a way to make a person’s brain live forever just so he can continue writing good television and I can keep watching it. Just in case you don’t know already, he has had a hand in all of these: Coupling, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Jekyll. I’ll get to all of those later though, today is reserved for his newest gem, a modern take on Sherlock Holmes, entitled ‘Sherlock’. Add Mark Gatiss to the mix, a fellow Dr Who writer, who also wrote for the series ‘League of Gentlemen’, and you have enough brain power and creativity to make ‘Sherlock’ worth anyone’s while.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t at all skeptical about this show before I watched it; I was expecting to like it.  I can’t feign skepticism.  To begin with, my brother recommended it and I hold his opinion in these matters in high regard.  Then I read Moffat was involved and that was it, I was hooked.  However, my high expectations were not impenetrable.  How heavy and unmanageable my disappointment would have been if ‘Sherlock’ had turned out to be dud.  Don’t worry, I’m feeling very light.

‘Sherlock’ is fun, mysterious, debonair, exciting, funny, sad, unsympathetic, honest. It’s what you expect from a show about Sherlock Holmes.  Add to that some very fine casting and you have got IT, the perfect recipe for kick ass television.

And before you ask, none of the three 90 minute episodes of season one have Holmes saying ‘It’s Elementary my dear Watson’, but the spirit is there.  Holmes is a deductive genius and, as with most genius, he doesn’t labor over his deducing, he just simply gets on with it.  His observations are fact, quite elementary, one might say.

(And can I just say, thank the heavens and the cosmos there isn’t a bunch of shiny black leather; no attempt to create a sense of the modern through state of the art fabrics.  Instead, the state of the art comes in via technology of the every day sort, namely phones, gps and the like.  I found all of this very realistic.  After all, even with all the advancements in our society, we still like a nice wool coat and cozy argyle socks, even if our phones can track our movements)

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