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The Drive Home

December 15, 2010

With this particular holiday over, it was time to head back over the mountains, to live for a time in our daily lives before Christmas called us back for another respite in Yakima.  I got out my camera, we packed the car, settled Cordelia on her little bed, strapped her in, said our goodbyes and drove away. And, as we drove out of sight, I checked my pocket for the melatonin pill I had in there, and started calculating when I would need to take it so that it would be working by the time Snoqualmie Pass was upon us. I was sad to leave, as always, but excited to get home and start going through my Christmas decorations and preparing for my favorite holiday of the year.

On the road again, that was us.  We drove out of Yakima and up into the hills until we came out above Ellensburg and saw this:

Ellensburg, WA in fog


What is it that we saw, you might ask?  Well, that there is fog and there is an entire city under that fog. Instead of looking down on the patchwork farmland and the small town, we looked at white, just white.  And, without a backwards glance, we descended into that misty mess of clouds.

ellensburg, wa fog

will we ever come out?

It was beautiful in there, surrounded by white and frost and snow…

ellensburg, wa fog

ellensburg, wa

As you might have guessed, we eventually made our way out of the fog, but we didn’t have to leave the winter wonderland behind, it followed us the whole way.

washington state frost


I was happy to view that cold and utterly gorgeous world from my toasty car, with such a capable driver.

gloves and tartan earmuffs

warm enough

I had downed my melatonin pill just past Ellensburg, and by the time we got to the pass, it was working.  When I say working what I mean is that it had somehow made me feel shaky, like I was incredibly hungry.  I was mildly drowsy at first, but also feeling that strange buzz of anxiety combined with that shaky, brainless feeling that comes with low blood sugar. I ate some beef jerky (the perfect emergency car food) and distracted myself by taking more photos.

And here we were, over the pass, getting ever closer to Seattle and here is also where the melatonin really hit me.  I didn’t exactly fall asleep, but lifting my head from the pillow on my lap was not an option.  Nor was taking any more photos, thus the beautiful homecoming pictures of a sparkling city I planned to share with you will have to wait until next time. And yes, friends, there will be a next time!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. mary permalink
    December 15, 2010 11:07 am

    nice joani!

  2. Gayle permalink
    December 15, 2010 11:32 am

    Wow! Great pictures!

  3. December 17, 2010 1:29 pm

    gorgeousness. I love these photo journals.

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