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Our Move: Unpacking

May 19, 2011

We are skipping right over the actual move.  Who has time to take photos when schlepping boxes around? It was a busy day full of ‘stuff’ and thankfully, full of blessed friends and family without whom I am sure I would have gone insane – seriously, I was pretty near insanity as it was.

As I write, we have been living in our new place for nearly 3 weeks and it has only been this week that the last boxes were unpacked. We are finally (mostly) settled.  There are still curtains to buy, pictures to hang, ideas to put into action, but we can live here now, comfortably. It feels more like home without boxes to trip over. We don’t waste time either.  So far, we have hosted two parties and had overnight guests!  Wild.

Here is the mess we have been living in:

schofield kitchen

schofield dining area

schofield office

And it got worse when we started to unpack…

moving is a mess

moving boxes

The first thing I did, when I had a moment was to set up what was our catch-all hallway table from our old apartment as our plant table in the new light-filed apartment.  It is necessary for the plants to get a home quickly and the gathering of all that greenery made me very happy.

indoor plant tableSpeaking of things that make me happy. I was very excited when I found these antlers for Cordelia, I had completely forgotten about them.  She, however, did not share in my happiness.

Cordelia the pomeranian dog in antlers

I can’t wait to show you the new place when it is all dolled-up.  I may have to accept the fact that it will never be perfect, but I plan to get it to a place where it is perfect for us.  On the one hand, I want it all done now, but on the other, I am trying to enjoy the process of putting our space together.  Wish me luck!

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