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Obsession: William Morris Tapestries

June 7, 2011

I don’t live in a drafty castle, but I still love the idea of hanging beautiful tapestries on the wall.  Imagine the warmth and interest one could add to a space with these tapestry designs by William Morris.

From his first ever, done by his own hand in 1879 –

william morris tapestry cabbage vine acanthus

Acanthus & Vine, also named Cabbage & Vine

– to the many subsequent gorgeous designs.

William morris tapestry corinthe


william morris tapestry les chevaliers de la table ronde

Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde

William morris tapestry woodpecker


william morris tapestry tree of life

Tree of Life

I am finding it near impossible to pick a favorite, but, if I were to choose, I would want something epic.  What could be more epic than a tapestry inspired by the story of  “The Knights of the Round Table”, complete with a lion and a unicorn?


And so I say, pour the mead and let us toast to that fabulous designer of tapestries, Sir William Morris!

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