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Animals In Art: Owls, part 1

July 8, 2011

Originally my plan was to share pieces of art depicting birds of  all types.  However, once I started looking through all the pictures and links I have saved, there was absolutely no way I could narrow my choices down. I then decided to limit my choices to owls.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) doing this didn’t exactly solve the issue. Owls are at the height of popularity and are sprinkled, very cutely, across all genres of art. Therefore, there is only one solution, a single post has blossomed into three, spread out over the weekend.  Today is only the beginning!

From Berkley Illustration on Etsy:

From Anna-Wili Highfield in Sydney:

From Amber Alexander on Etsy:

From UnitedThread on Etsy:

And from another Sydney artist, Kareena Zerefos:

From Matthew Cusick:

And, occasionally, the internet trail dries up and I cannot discover the original artist of a picture I like, here are a few of the mysteries. (Please share if you have any further info on either of these)

Next up:  a few beauties from some very talented photographers.

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