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Etsy: Favorites – The Mincing Mockingbird

July 10, 2011

Continuing on our recent theme of birds, I wanted to share this etsy artist with you.  I am in love with these prints!

Let’s start with the owls.

Efforts To Harmonize My Charm And Talent With Being A Biological Charnel House
I Have Only Heard The Moon Laugh Once, And Once Was Quite Enough
Sinister Acts To Which Only The Moon Bears Witness
Moments When My Gaze Goes Vacant
Braving Danger And Darkness To Eat, But I Wouldn’t Call Myself A Foodie


And now for other types of birds…

Reveling In The Enjoyment Of Her Material Pleasures
Putting The Whole Hideous Thing Behind Me By Blogging About It
Teamwork Is Essential When Blinding Large, Bipedal Mammals
A Deep Feeling For Beauty Which Would Get Me Beaten In Certain Circles
Keen-Brained And Patient
The Strange And Dreamy Silent Beauty Of Mystic Treeless Solitudes, Broken Only By A Poorly Chosen Ring Tone

And when I get a second job, my only problem will be deciding which one of these beauties to purchase.  I am leaning toward, “Braving Danger And Darkness To Eat, But I Wouldn’t Call Myself A Foodie”.  Do you have a favorite?

My blog posts are going to veer away from the ornithological for a bit, but, never fear, I do not plan on neglecting all the other birds apart from owls. On Friday we will once again explore the wonderful world of birds in art. It will be exciting.

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