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Interiors: Our 1970’s Kitchen

July 13, 2011

Many of you know that we moved a few months ago to a new apartment.  This apartment was built in the 1970’s and most of it has not seen change in the time since.  The kitchen is full of dark cabinets (losing their sheen in many places – and stained in others), the appliances are that seventies classic, harvest gold, and the countertops are a brown laminate. The only new item is the fridge, replaced just before we moved in, it is white. I decided to keep the walls white, partly out of laziness and partly to maximize the light coming in through the windows.

moving in

a mess

Since we have no idea how long we will be staying here as renters, I am hesitant to make many changes. We have a limited budget and I really don’t want to spend it sprucing up a kitchen I will see no return on.  I have (mostly) decided to live with it.  The appliances will be replaced with new ones as they break down.  The thing is,  having some new, white appliances and some old, gold appliances, doesn’t really solve any design dilemmas.  In the end, I try to keep it clean and functional and full of items I love.  My dad built us a cool shelving unit to hang on an unused wall.  The color was chosen to add brightness to the room and is what I like to call “Tardis Blue”, which is why it is the perfect place for our miniature Dr. Who to hang out.

tardis kitchen

a pop of blue

harvest gold

my niece's contribution, some favorite magnets

fruit & veg on the top of the fridge

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