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What’s On: Hurts

August 14, 2011

These perfectly styled gents from Manchester have made one great pop album! In fact, I will admit, it is much ‘poppier’ than anything I usually listen to, but I can’t help it, I am smitten.

synthpop. yum.

Apparently, they sold out their tour in the UK and opened for the Scissor Sisters over there, but hardly anyone here in the US has heard of them.  In fact, their album (Happiness) hasn’t even been released here, you have to buy an import, which is what I am about to do.

And did I mention how ridiculously smooth they look? This is the kind of cool style one sees on The Sartorialist, hip, modern, reminiscent, and HOT all at the same time.

Does it mean I am getting old when I am taken in so quickly by such a highly-polished, young pop-duo?

I don’t think so, if anything, I feel younger.

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  1. August 14, 2011 10:02 am

    Cool post

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