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The Christmas Trip

December 24, 2011

It is that time again, time to head over the mountains to Yakima for Christmas.  Unfortunately, John was in a car crash on Monday and our car was totaled.  Why do these things always happen at the worst times? I suppose there is never a good time to total your only vehicle, but five days before a trip home for Christmas, during the busiest time at work, is definitely up there with the worst time.  We rented a car for a few days, but with insurance not covering the cost, we weren’t very excited about paying for the rental over our five day vacation.  Thankfully, my brother was able to chauffeur us across the mountains in his sweet oldsmobile.

On Friday morning he arrived, and with Cordelia and I all cozy in the back and the boys in the front, we headed home.

cordelia the pomeranian dog


leaving the city

cordelia the pomeranian dog


coffee on the road

And probably the only white we will see this Christmas

Eastern Washington

And then we finally arrived –

Christmas festivities to come!

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  1. December 25, 2011 4:10 am

    These are some Beautiful pictures also your dog is so adorable.

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