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An Autumnal Ailment

October 15, 2012

I am sick.  Cold, flu, who knows.  Thankfully it is raining, which, and this may shock some of you, I love.  It makes it feel even more like fall.

Now back to what ails me and what I am doing about it!

In addition to the hot tea, the water with elderberry extract (for vitamin C) and the space heater, I decided to make some homemade chicken stock.  The house smells amazing.

Here it is (cue the heavenly music):

chicken stock

Into the pot went:

A stewing hen

A roughly chopped onion, skin and all

2 sets of garlic, roughly chopped, skin on

3 types of thyme, freshly picked, along with some rosemary

Apple cider vinegar

Celtic Sea Salt & Applewood smoked sea salt

And enough filtered water to cover it all up

Then I let it sit for 1/2 hour, to let the vinegar do it’s magic (or so I’ve read), before turning the heat up.  When it started to boil I turned it to low and there it will sit, becoming more and more flavorful and more and more healthy until tomorrow.

Although, I will be taking some for my dinner tonight, I can’t wait!

If all else fails, I have gin, hot water, honey & lemon.

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