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Sccarry Portraits of Autumn, October 27th, 2012

October 27, 2012

Today I ventured outside to do some autumnal garden clean-up.  This involved harvesting my pumpkins, since they were blocking us from parking in our garage, which we want to do because it is getting very cold out.  I got a late start in the garden this year and then my pumpkin plants got covered in a white mildew of sorts so the fruit itself didn’t quite ripen up in time.  It’s okay with me, though, I think they look beautiful, each at it’s own stage of ripeness, the state of being neither completely green nor orange.

And here they are:

autumn pumpkin harvest

I now have them all lined up on my front porch. I am not sure if I will carve any, but I am pretty sure some will end up as pie or pumpkin butter.

If you do intend to try your hand at carving, here is some inspiration from around the internets (the first is my favorite):

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