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Killing the Ghosts of Glucose (and other halloween horror stories)

November 1, 2012

Halloween may be over, but the evidence of the sugar binge I had will be around for awhile.  Halloween gives me the perfect excuse to buy bags of candy, which, if I’m honest, will be mostly eaten by me.  And for a person who rarely ever buys a single candy bar, an entire bag(s) is bad news.  Why do I do it to myself?  Why do I insist on gorging on processed sugar sweeties when I know exactly how it will make me feel?  It is easy to convince myself that it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy; I really don’t need much of an excuse to indulge in sugar. Last night was one sugary morsel after another: junior mints, snickers bars, candy corn and pumpkin-coconut custard (by far the winner).

And now, the day after?  What to do to get over this sugar hangover…hmmm.  Hair of the, uh, cat?  Should I just eat more sugar?  No.  Nope.  Take aspirin and call in sick?  Not an option.

No, I think it is simple, actually, and takes only common sense to figure out.  I won’t eat sugar.  I will drink lots of water and herbal tea, eat healthy foods with good fats and protein.  Also on the list: probiotics and a little exercise. Today, I am dressing up as the picture of health!

(Ok, ok, yes, I will probably cheat – leftover candy is way too tempting, but I will try to partake in moderation, I promise)

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