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Using What You Have

November 16, 2012

Sometimes, not having space or the right tools for a job forces one to be creative.  If you’ve read my blog recently, you will know I harvested a ton of herbs out of my garden while doing a little fall clean up.  I washed and air dried the herbs and then hung them up in my kitchen window to further dry.  I also had some chili peppers I needed to hang, but, by the time I had hung up all my herbs, there was no room.  In thinking of where I could hang them (quickly and easily because that is how I like things) I remembered I had a picture hanger my dad made that wasn’t in use.  It is a simple frame with wire and clips, intended to be used for hanging pictures/cards/invites/etc.  but then I thought, why not peppers?  So I clipped the peppers on to the wire and Voila!  Not only does it work, it looks beautiful (my lame photos don’t do it justice – just couldn’t find the light I wanted on these gloomy days).

drying chili peppers


drying chili peppers on a picture frame


Any one else out there been forced into creative solutions?  How do you preserve your food?  I love hearing new ideas!

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  1. November 18, 2012 8:57 pm

    Great idea, Joaners!

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