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Happy Thanksgiving To All And To All A Goodnight!

November 22, 2012

My parents adopted a new dog last weekend and he has spent the first part of this week getting used to the former only-dog of the house, Sparky, and my parents, his new surroundings and all the other new stuff he sees/hears/smells.  His name is Jax and he is lovely.  He has been a really good new dog, not perfect (who is), but very good.  Today was a really big day for the little guy, meeting tons of new people, smelling a massive cooking turkey and being told off (gently-ish) for his barking/howling.  Poor Jax was worn out fairly quickly 🙂

sleeping dog

Jax sleeping

I know I am going to sleep well tonight.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day and that you will follow it with a restful night’s sleep.

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