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Inspiration: The Smallest Room in the House

March 10, 2013

Hello again! I am back.  We are mid-reno of our bathroom (well, not so much mid, as barely started).  We spent an entire day steaming and scraping horrible vinyl wallpaper off the walls and talking about how if we do this then we need to do that and if we do that, we really should do this and if we do this we might as well buy this and do that at the same time, etc.  In other words, the project grew.  I think about the budget and I think, hmmm, this might take a bit longer than expected.  But we are charging forward.  On the agenda: shopping for a new tub, sink and toilet.  I wanted a claw foot tub, but they are either too expensive new or difficult to find used (in good condition), so instead, we are going with a regular white tub (sans the surround that we currently have on our almond colored tub).  We have been on the hunt for a cute wall-mounted sink, nothing fancy, just a bit of old-fashioned character.  I have also been deciding what tile I want to put in the space.  This includes: large (6″) hexagon tiles for the floor, white subway tile for the lower half of the walls and up to the ceiling around the shower.  I am contemplating what sort of trim pieces to use now and what I want to put in the little arched alcove where the sink goes.  There are so many choices and so many inspiring images, here are some I have collected on my bathe pinterest board:

corner sink and shelf in bathroom

I want to incorporate a little shelf at the top of the tile (also, i love the wall color!)

subway tile shower surround

subway tile shower surround

plants in the bathroom

plants plants plants!!!

shelves behind toilet

shelves above the toilet (somewhere to put all those plants)

black and white bathroom

I love this space! It might even have me reconsidering the subway tile on the walls (these offset square tiles look great) and it definitely inspired a switch to a dark floor and the hunt for a large hexagon tile. The towel bar of the sink is very cool too.

urban outfitters shower curtain

I already purchased this beauty!

perfect little storage caddy/toilet roll dispenser

perfect little storage caddy/toilet roll dispenser


These are just a few of the spaces I am drawing inspiration from.  Isn’t the internet a wonderful place?  I promise to share before, during and after photos with you, as soon as I can find the battery charger for my camera…

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