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Demolition, Day(s) One: The Smallest Room In The House

April 8, 2013

There are many places to start when demolishing a room. However, when you have a bathroom with walls covered in vinyl wallpaper, the choice is not a difficult one.  Did I mention it was textured and made to look like it was covered in brush strokes? Yeah.  We steamed and peeled and scraped until the only traces left were behind the still in place toilet. And let me tell you, from that moment, I was addicted.  It already looked so much better.  The exposed sheetrock, the layers of old paint (minty green, blue and pink) were like a work of art compared to that wallpaper. My visions were starting to come true! It’s like yesterday, when John brought me a pack of chocolate digestive biscuits and the visions I had been having all day of those sweet, crumbly morsels finally became reality.  The sweet reality of a beautiful bathroom was finally possible, we were on our way.

Here is the bathroom, sans wallpaper (cue the angelic music):

before & after bathroom

before & after bathroom

before & after bathroom

before & after bathroom

before & after bathroom

before & after bathroom

Now, when I see pictures of that wallpaper, I hiss at it, like a cat, because I hate it. Je deteste. Au revoir papier peint.  Bonne chance a la poubelle.

*btw – I want to make sure I say ‘thank you’ publicly to our official sponsors for this project: my parents.  We literally could not have even attempted this without their help.  No way.  Not even if pigs were flying. If you live in the area and you need someone to do some remodeling, my dad is the man for the job ( I realize I am totally biased, but, seriously, he is very, very good.  I give you my word.).

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