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Elements of Baby Schofield’s Nursery

December 19, 2013

Nearly as soon as I found out I was pregnant I started planning the nursery.  I knew I wasn’t going to wait until I found out if we were having a boy or a girl, instead I would pick things that would work for either, which is more my style anyway.  But, where does one start?  There are so many options!  The first controlling factor was the budget, which is really almost as tiny as the baby himself (at conception).  I also knew I wanted an area rug to cover some of the hardwood floors in the room and it isn’t easy to find an inexpensive rug that is also attractive.  I looked around on Pinterest and on discount sites and ebay, but came up short (of cash mostly).

And then I saw this one at Ikea and ideas started forming in my head:

ikea rug

That is where it all started. From there I have picked a few new things, a few old things and a few borrowed. Here are the rest of the elements (so far):


I had a Jenny Lind crib picked out and then my parents found this one, for $15!! My dad painted it for us and now it is perfect.


This is the rocking chair myself and my siblings were rocked in as babies and now I get to rock my own baby in it. And, it is comfortable, I am sitting in it right now.


This blanket was one of my baby blankets and it just happened to fit perfectly into the room. I have always loved it and I hope little baby Schofield will too.


For use as clothing storage and changing table I nicked this dresser from John. My dad refinished it for use years ago, after pulling it out of a collapsed barn.


Here is some of the art work that will be hanging on the walls. My favorite is the piece on the far right, done by my friend Corinne Lee-Cooke.


A bright red door.


A chair for baby to read in, when he is older (a stuffed animal holder for now).



And plenty of books!

Hello There!

December 14, 2013

I promise, after 5 months of silence, I am really going to try to blog more.  I have just not been in the mood.  I am pregnant, is that enough of an explanation? No? Well, after I found out I was pregnant (happy news!) my husband lost his job (not happy news) and since we had our insurance through his work, it meant going on to cobra ($$$$).  There have been job changes and morning sickness and migraine level headaches and the death of my Grandpa Bill. I have not had the energy or motivation to blog, but I have missed sharing with you and it is time to do so again.  After all, this is my most favorite time of year and we are almost done painting the nursery, i.e. fodder!

So ,what is ahead? Maybe this:

Elements of baby Schofield’s Nursery (things I have purchased/gathered so far to decorate)

Before & After: The Nursery

How I Decked My Little Halls

And more ideas I haven’t even thought of yet! (How Exciting!!!)

I hope everyone has been enjoying this time of year, with all the festivities.

Just for you, an ultrasound pic of the baby (about 21 weeks), seen thinking hard, with his hand on his forehead.

ultra sound 21 weeks

And a photograph of myself and my Grandpa Bill (quite awhile ago).  I still can’t believe I won’t be getting any more of those strong hugs while he calls me, “doll”.

Joani and Grandpa Bill

And now I will return to gazing at the Christmas tree and drinking my egg nog infused coffee. I really do have a good life!

Peace to you all.

Summer Portraits: Around the Fire Pit

July 19, 2013

Fire & Marshmallows = Summer

My Treasures: Bird In A Cage

July 16, 2013

Today’s treasure is this lovely little wind-up bird in a cage.


It is made by the toy company Schylling and I purchased it at the best kids store (and my former employer), Clover, in Seattle. It has moved around with us, always behaving, never making a mess or big demands.
I love my little birdie, perhaps I should think of naming him…

Blue Dot is in a Contest – Your Vote Would Mean the World!

July 15, 2013

These rings are awesome, follow the link and go vote, but hurry, the contest is nearly over!!!

Blue Dot Jewelry

Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot JewelryHello hello! My twig stacking rings are in the running for the UncommonGoods Jewelry Design Challenge! I would so appreciate your vote. Here is the link.

Each person can vote just once by July 16. Each vote is valuable! A million times, thank you.

The winning design will score a vendor contract with UncommonGoods. (How great!) There are some other beautiful designs there too – check them all out.

UncommonGoods is a neat place. As a shopping site they focus on handmade and sustainability. When they are considering offering new items for sale, they often let their shoppers vote, just like in this contest. It’s very community oriented. And they won’t sell leather, feathers or fur.

Thanks for your support! Here are some more photos.

Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot JewelryTwig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot Jewelry

For fun, I took photos of the batch I sent to Greenport on Monday:

Twig Stacking Rings

Twig Stacking Rings

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Before & After: The Bedroom

July 15, 2013

When we moved into this house just over a year ago, I immediately decided there were a few rooms that needed big makeovers (bathroom & kitchen) and a few that just needed a bit of paint and a few tweaks.  The bedroom was is pretty good shape, I could think of some major changes to make, but none that are necessary to make it a nice, livable space. We have slowly been making little changes here and there to change it into what we want.

Here are pictures of the room before we moved in:

before & after bedroom

before & after bedroom

before & after bedroom

John wanted a strong color for the room and was particularly interested in a nice, deep peacock for the walls.  I was all for it and so I set to work to find the right shade. I settled on Benjamin Moore’s Salzburg Blue and John (as a birthday gift) set to work painting the room.  Here is what it looks like now:

before & after bedroom

before & after bedroom

before & after bedroom

before & after bedroom

before & after bedroom

There are still many things to do.  The bed is just a box spring and mattress and, right now, the box spring is exposed.  I plan to get a fitted sheet to cover it, as soon as I find the right color, whatever that might be.  I also want to get some curtains, I am thinking of a green or golden velvet or just white,  I will know when I see them (and cost will factor very heavily into the decision).  The room also needs more art and a redistribution of what is already on the walls.

We did recently purchased a light to replace this one, which we have hated since day one:

ceiling light

The closet doors are mirrored, which isn’t exactly great from a design perspective, but they sure are handy and I have no plans to change them yet.

mirrored closet doors

I will post more pictures in the fall, when I change my bedding for the colder months, hopefully, by then, I will have even more updates to show you.
If you have any ideas for this space, feel free to share! 🙂

Small Projects: Map Art

July 12, 2013
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I think it is about time I tackled a few projects from my pinterest boards.  I will start with something simple, like this:

map art

wish me luck,  I will keep you posted!